The Best Practices When It Comes To Legionella Control

Regardless of how much modern technology has evolved when it comes to fighting disease and bacteria, there are still many risk factors that can affect entire populations.

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While the government takes care of water purification plants that supply running water to cities, there are also a few rules and regulations that landlords must follow. This is especially important in areas such as Manchester, which see regular changes in population.

While one can find a legionella contractor in Manchester if needed, there are also a few simple ways to make sure that everything is in order before moving house or putting a property up for rent:

  • Always flush out the system in order to clear it, before letting the property;
  • Make sure that no debris can get into the system. This means checking all appliances that pump water in order to ensure that they are in working condition;
  • Always store the water at 60° Celsius, as this temperature will kill most bacteria and effectively purify the water;
  • Remove redundant pipes, as these can be entryways for bacteria;

The danger of the Legionnaires’ disease

This bacteria can cause form of pneumonia that has claimed quite a few lives over the years. While outbreaks do not usually occur, this is due to the precautions that the government takes when even a single case is identified.

If there are no proper means of control put into place, a Legionella outbreak can be extremely harmful to a population, regardless of the medical attention that it receives. The best course of action is always prevention.

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