The Difference Between Pre-Assembled and Ready to Assemble Cabinetry

white kitchen cabinets
Nothing can spruce up your kitchen better than a new cabinet. You can get your cabinetry either ready to assemble or pre-assembled.

A ready to assemble cabinet is the perfect choice when you are trying to save money. Even though putting it all together only takes about 20 minutes, you do need some previous DIY experience to successfully assemble it.

Pre-assembled features

The easier alternative is to purchase a pre-assembled cabinet, where you only need to focus on your door style and colour. This type of cabinetry is already assembled in the factory by experienced staff, which guarantees high quality.

Typically, cabinets have full overlay butt doors made of solid wood, with both the door and the drawer front featuring the recessed square style. Also, the doors often feature adjustable 6-way hinges that are concealed to improve the overall look of the cabinet.

A solid wood face frame provides utmost strength to the entire construction and enables it to last for a long time. If you plan on storing heavy accessories inside the cabinet, make sure the shelving is made of grade A wood.

Moreover, check that the interior and the cabinet sides have a matching finish. You can further customize your kitchen cabinet with the right knob or handle, as you see fit.

Even though pre-assembled cabinetry has already been put together in the factory, it still requires some installation, as per the instructions accompanying each style. Often, you only need a screw-gun, but you can also use wood glue for extra support.

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