Different Types Of Sewer Liners For Repairing Work

Sewer liners are used to repair the existing pipelines by using the saturated tube. This process is less expensive as compared to the replacement of pipelines. It also increases the capacity of sewer flow and allows the pipe to be rehabilitated without disturbing the neighbours, business, works and the surrounding. In Phoenix, you can hire trained and certified workers for providing services for the same.

Services of sewer liners from phoenix, AZ can be availed at an affordable price and you will get high quality work. There are different types of sewer liners available which are as follows:

Types of sewer Liners:

Chemical attach liner – There are generally two forms of liners where first is the PVC sheet liner which is attached chemically with sewer pipe by using polyurethane mastic. Secondly, the PVC sheet gets attached with protrusions only on one side and it is pushed on the epoxy mastic which is already applied previously on the surface of concrete sewer pipe.

Cast in place liners – These liners are attached with the sanitary pipes and create an acid barrier between the wall of sanitary pipe and sewer water. It provides the best performance when it gets attached with the pre- cast pipes. It also allows the movement of hydrostatic vapor and pressure from the sewer pipes.

Mechanical sewer liners – The strongest part of these liners is that they are suitable for all types of construction. These pipes are made from different materials but most commonly they are made from HDPE and PVC. These pipes are used for repairing different tasks and are widely used in a new construction.


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