Things That You Should Know About Tennis Court Construction

Tennis is the most popular game in Kent and due to the small playing area, a lot of people construct tennis courts in their own houses. Tennis courts are of 2 types, clay court and synthetic courts. Both of these have different properties and can affect the movement of the tennis ball as well. There are a lot of tennis court builders in Kent, make sure you consult them before reaching a final decision.

Below are some things that you should consider before constructing a tennis court-

1)Research about local rules and regulations

You might need permission for such constructions from the local authorities. Make sure you avail these permissions and understand their guidelines properly to avoid any future problems.

2)Measure the space you have

A proper tennis court is the one that has all the measurements right according to the latest tennis rules. These measurements determine the size of your court. You need to make sure that your property is big enough for a full sized court along with lighting and fencing.

3)Choose the surface materials

As already told, tennis court surfaces can be clay or synthetic. Synthetic courts are more durable and cheaper than clay courts.If you are on a tight budget,they are the best for you. Apart from the above points, fencing and lighting also plays a major role. You should make sure that your court is properly covered with fences and has proper lighting as well to ensure that the players can enjoy smooth games.

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